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We make it happen!

Suddenly transferred to China, struggling in a radically different environment.
Shin Nakao, joined in 1997, presently working at Swany America Corp.
Shin Nakao
Immediately after joining Swany, I was sent to China. Until a few weeks before I had been a student and now I found myself at work in a foreign country. Due to the all too drastic change of environment, I felt lost at first. But the people around me were very helpful, so Id like to return the favour quickly by fulfilling their expectations.

Now, as a stepping stone in the study process, I practice how to make gloves myself and am responsible for quality control. It is interesting to discover new things every day. Almost all my older colleagues and superiors at Swany have gone through a period of work abroad in their youth. I would also like to use this experience to become a confident and dedicated businessman.

(Mr. Nakao was later transferred to Swany America where he is now active as a manager.)

Living in the USA, also my lifestyle changed.
Masanori Tanikawa, joined in 1982, now stationed in Hong Kong
Masataka Tanikawa
After a spell at the head office and in Korea, I work for Swany America since 1995. As manager of 30 staff members I am responsible for the control of the entire company, so I feel I can study business from its roots.

Since my arrival in the USA, several years have gone by quickly and both my way of working and my lifestyle have become Americanized. For example, no after-hours drinking, no overtime if at all possible, family first, that kind of thing. But my English pronunciation has not progressed much. For example "Straw please" won't come out quite right.

(Tanikawa later moved to the International Division, and presently as head of the Hong Kong office he is at the forefront of sales activities in China.)

Facing new challenges every day
Kouji Yamaguchi, joined in 1992, Head Office Bag Division
Kouji Yamaguchi
Originally I wanted to work in connection with overseas, to the point that I looked for a job in the travel industry. But when I came to Swany and talked with president Miyoshi and the staff, I felt a mysterious attraction and thought "I want to join this company".

After joining the company, I passed through the Golf Division, was sent to China, did general affairs and administration, before ending up doing sales in the newly formed Bag Division. For some reason, in this position I often have to cope with new things. Also now, I am handling our completely new sales item, the Walkin'Bag, which we hope to make into a worldwide brand, so I can't help but enjoy every working day.

Swany will become even more interesting
Takayuki Mori, joined in 1998, Sports Division Tokyo Branch
Takayuki Mori
Up till now I have worked at Swany China, Swany America and at the Head Office. At present I work at the Tokyo Branch, where I am in charge of the Sports Division's sales activities for Eastern Japan. Although I have a superior at the Head Office, a large slice of the daily proceedings is left to me, so I have my own, albeit restricted, responsibility.

Of late, the world of marketing and retailing is changing rapidly. The question is whether we'll be able to come up with new effective propositions towards our customers. I think the crucial time has come. Fortunately, it's easy to work in a company like Swany, because if the staff insists, there is a receptive environment.

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